Interview with a Dealer: Carl from MotorCity Casino . July 2000

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Interview with a Dealer: Carl from MotorCity Casino

By Howard Berenbon

Because of casinos in Detroit, thousands of new jobs have opened for those interested in working in the gaming industry.  One very important job is the game dealer.  In a recent interview with Carl from Detroit, a dealer at MotorCity Casino, I discovered what it takes to become a dealer and what it's like to work for MotorCity.   I'd like to thank Carl for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer all my questions, including the personal ones. What did you do before working as a dealer for MotorCity Casino?
Carl:  I own my own business.  And I'm still doing it.  I work for MotorCity at night, on the swing shift, and run my business during the day. What are your hours at MotorCity?
Carl: The swing shift is at night, and I can start at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m. or later and I work for 8 hours.   Is it busy at those times?
Carl:  Yes, it's very busy.  In fact, the swing shift, from 6 p.m. through 2 p.m., is the busiest time at the casino. Why did you want to become a dealer, since you have your own business?
Carl:  For the excitement of the job.  Do you get a lot of tips?
Carl:   Yes, we get the majority of the tips on swing shift, which we share with the other shifts. What games do you deal?
Carl: I work Blackjack, Mini Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Let it Ride and Roulette.  Do you have a favorite game?
Carl: Yes:  I like Mini Baccarat. What's your least favorite game?
Carl: I don't like Let it Ride.  It's boring. What type of dealer training did you go through?
Carl:  I had a six-month course with MotorCity and then they sent a group of us to Las Vegas to break in for a week.  Sounds like fun. Where did you stay in Las Vegas?
Carl:   We stayed at 5 different locations at their Mandalay Resort Group property.  I stayed at Circus Circus.  It was very nice. When did you start with MotorCity?
Carl: I started my training in May of 1999.  They sent us to Las Vegas in November and that's when I started
getting paid.  Then in December, I started working a MotorCity full time. How are the benefits working for MotorCity?
Carl: The insurance benefits are excellent.  And we get to eat the buffet food for free.  What kind of money are you making as a dealer for MotorCity?
Carl: I average about $40,000 a year.   What is it like working for MotorCity?
Carl:  They're great to work for. When you're dealing cards, have you ever caught any cheaters?
Carl:   No I haven't.  But people have been caught and arrested for cheating. I understand that they use automatic card shuffling machines at MotorCity.  Do you like the machines?
Carl:  Yes.  You don't have to shuffle, and I like that.  Also, it's better for the casino because it eliminates card counting and you can play 20 percent more hands if you don't have to shuffle.  Have any players left your table after finding you're using a card shuffling machine?
Carl: Yes, a few have left.  But not many.  If you ever make a mistake while dealing, are you held responsible?
Carl:  No.  One last question.  I understand that you can't gamble at MotorCity because you work there.  Do you gamble at other Detroit area casinos?
Carl: Yes, I like Casino Windsor.