Just Say No to Online Casino Gambling . September / October 2000

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Just Say No to Online Casino Gambling

By Howard Berenbon

If you're like me, the possibility of gambling at a virtual casino on the Internet, without ever leaving your home, is very enticing.  It's simple and easy.  You just connect to the Internet, and pick from the hundreds of online casinos just a mouse click away.  Now you're ready to try your luck at becoming an  instant Internet millionaire.  No need to plan a trip to Las Vegas, or even the short drive downtown to one of  Detroit's new casinos.  You can play all the same games found in a real casino in the privacy of your home.  Play roulette, craps, keno, blackjack, poker and every kind of slot machine you can imagine.  The games are endless and tempting.  You can even start out playing for free, until you're confident you want to wager your money.  But don't do it.

If you are at all tempted to take a chance at any of these online casinos, here are three good reasons to say NO to online casino gambling:

1. Currently, online casino gambling is illegal in the United States, and it's unlawful for anyone to wager money at an online casino.

2.  These online casinos are off shore and unregulated, outside the jurisdiction of the United States. You have no idea if the games are programmed in favor of the online casino.

3.  Online casinos require that you open an account using your chargecard so they can credit your winnings or charge your losses.   I'm still very uncomfortable using my chargecard over the Internet, even though a secure server.

For those very important reasons, I'm saying NO to online casino gambling.  Besides, it's more fun to visit the real casinos to experience the crowds, lights and sounds while you're playing the games.  And you know they are strictly regulated by the gaming commission to be honest and fair.

And here's one last  reason I won't gamble online.  You'll never find an inexpensive breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet online.  Eating at a casino buffet (in Las Vegas, Detroit or anywhere) is one of my passions.  And, if you gamble enough (win or lose) they'll often give you a complementary buffet. That's not likely to happen while you're gambling at an online casino.